Advanced Therapies for Heart Failure

When the heart is no longer able to pump adequately, this is known as heart failure. Heart failure does not mean the heart has stopped, but rather that it is not able to pump blood the way that it should. Over time, the condition may worsen and become very serious.

At Hahnemann’s Center for Advanced Heart Failure, our heart failure team comprises cardiologists, heart surgeons, nurses and other professionals who specialize in the treatment of this condition. We are able to offer numerous options for patients, including a variety of advanced devices and medications not available at every hospital.

Our specialists are continually researching and testing new medications that show promise in preventing further damage from heart disease. For many patients, close medical supervision by our team can help them manage their condition at home and stay out of the hospital.

Our physicians participate in clinical research trials to compliment heart failure therapies.

Mechanical Assist Devices/Ventricular Assist Devices 

For patients with end-stage heart failure, mechanical heart pumps may be a treatment option. Known as Ventricular Assist Devices (VADs), these pumps help a weakened heart move blood throughout the body. VADs are often used as a bridge to transplant but they are also now being used as destination therapy, meaning they may be a permanent option for patients who are unable to receive a transplant. Hahnemann University Hospital’s VAD program is certified by The Joint Commission and recognized by The American Heart as a leader in coronary artery disease and heart failure treatments.

When all other medical or surgical therapies fail to manage heart failure, heart transplantation may be considered. Our experienced experts have guided hundreds of patients through this emotionally and physically challenging procedure.  Our mission is to promote an improved quality of life for patients with advanced heart disease.

Meet Our Team

  • Howard Eisen, MD, FACC, FACP

  • Shelley Hankins, MD

  • S. Farhan Hasni, MD

  • Wade L. Fischer, M.D. FACS

  • Joseph T. Costic, D.O.

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