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Heart and Vascular Care

A Heart Center Focused on You

A healthy heart is a big part of what keeps you moving every day. Hahnemann University Hospital is dedicated to providing Philadelphia with strong heart and vascular care. Our comprehensive cardiac care program is recognized by the American Heart Association as a leader in coronary artery disease.

Hahnemann University Hospital has a multidisciplinary team that includes cardiac surgeons, electrophysiologists, interventional cardiologists, social work, exercise physiology and nutrition.

Hahnemann works to provide highly specialized care to patients. Our cardiac care programs include:

If you’d like to learn more about our heart center, heart and vascular surgeons or the cardiac programs we offer, please call us at (215) 762-7000

Cardiac Catheterization


Cardiothoracic Surgery

Get heart information, identify problems and receive procedures at Hahnemann’s Cardiac Catheterization Lab. We specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of cardiac and vascular diseases. Our cardiothoracic surgery program offers a broad range of advanced treatment options and a team of experienced surgeons for your surgical cardiac care.
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