Nursing at Hahnemann University Hospital 


October 2012

Dear Hahnemann nurses,

As a long-term member of the Hahnemann family and your newly named Chief Nursing Officer, I am honored to lead such a dynamic staff during this exciting time at Hahnemann University Hospital!

As an organization we are fully engaged in our journey of Magnet® re-designation. As you recall, we first began our nurse-driven Magnet journey in 2004 with a change of organizational culture that focused on patient-centered care. Each of our nurses, by having a voice in their practice and bringing innovative solutions to the table, helped increase satisfaction, and safety and quality outcomes for our patients. Together, we achieved extraordinary results, which is the hallmark of a Magnet-level team.  We received Magnet® designation in 2009 and have just completed the application process for Hahnemann’s re-designation. With your continued support and contributions, our written manual, due April 1st, 2014, will showcase the strength and uniqueness of Hahnemann nurses as leaders in patient care, innovators of professional practice, promoters of research and evidence-based practice, and providers of safe and quality patient care.

As a proponent of professional nurse practice, I wish to recognize our nurses’ commitment to our mission, vision, and values; promotion of the Watson’s Human Caring and respectful culture that you model; participation in unit- and hospital-shared governance; creation of innovative care delivery; and continuing professional development. In light of this, Mike Halter, CEO, and I took delight in recognizing and celebrating 145 Hahnemann nurses who, in September, achieved Pillars of Professionalism distinction for the year 2012. This growing number is a testament to the dedication and commitment of Hahnemann nurses to their professional development. In addition, it is with great pride that I acknowledge all of our nurses who continue to pursue professional excellence through achievement of specialty certification and enrollment in advanced education programs. 

In keeping with the changing healthcare environment and push for an electronic medical record, Hahnemann is moving forward with the Improving Patient Care through Technology (IMPACT) Project. This 12-month initiative, slated for rollout in June 2013, will enhance patient care through technology. IMPACT includes a conversion of our computerized provider order entry system from Invision to Cerner Millennium. The project provides many beneficial outcomes for nursing practice, such as electronic charting which aims to reduce the redundancy in documentation and provide more consistent capture of nurse-sensitive quality and safety indicators. Additionally, a point-of-care bar-code medication administration process will be implemented. All of this will be made possible by a major capital investment in multiple PC upgrades and the addition of over 300 Workstations on Wheels (WOWs) throughout the nursing units. Of course, education and training programs will be provided to help us all transition through these changes.

Although these changes create a sense of excitement, change in itself also evokes a certain level of apprehension. Together, we will bring all of these initiatives to fruition! You have my commitment that I will work every day to support you and promote exceptional nursing practice at Hahnemann University Hospital.

I firmly believe that Hahnemann Nurses make a difference to our patients, their peers, and our organization. The impact you have is very eloquently embedded into our philosophy of “the art of caring is demonstrated everyday through the actions of a Hahnemann nurse” translating to the essence of “Hahnemann Nurses…We Do, We Care, It’s Who We Are!”

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope that we have created an interest for you in pursuing a career at Hahnemann University Hospital.

Rosemary Dunn, DrNP, MBA, RN
Chief Nursing Officer

Hahnemann University Hospital | 230 N Broad St, Philadelphia, PA 19102