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Making Healthy Travel Happen

When preparing for a trip, you have many things to plan - transportation, accommodations and itinerary. But many overseas travelers don't think about one of the most basic things of all - good health.

The best way to avoid illness when traveling is to take adequate preventive measures before you leave. Adequate preparation is important in marinating good health overseas, especially if you are travelling off the beaten path. 

The Hahnemann Travel Health Center

Hahnemann University Hospital Travel Health Center can assist you in your travel needs by using TRAVAX Computer Software. The center provides information regarding:

* Immunizations required for foreign travel

* Preventive health information, such as how to avoid malaria, yellow fever or traveler's diarrhea and how to make up a traveler's medical kit

* What to do if you become ill in a foreign country 

The Hahnemann University Hospital Travel Health Center will also review your itinerary and provide the necessary immunizations or medications. The center is authorized to complete the International Certification of Vaccination with the official stamp required for entry to numerous countries. Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, we can help promote a healthy travel experience.

What we need to know about your trip

When calling the Travel Health Center it would be helpful to have the following information available:

* Countries do you plan to visit

* Travel in an urban or rural area

* Dates of departure and return

* Type of lodging

* Type of travel (personal or corporate)

* If travel is corporate, name of employer

For more information

Contact the Hahnemann Travel Health Center at 215-762-8525; fax 215-762-1448; or e-mail at The center is open Monday-Friday, by appointment. The Travel Health Center is located in the Occupational Health/Injury Center on the first floor of the Bobst Building - Room 131 (access via the hospital through the main lobby or rear entrance).

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