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The human body is a complex structure of bones and muscles that make it possible for an amazing range of motion—until something goes wrong. An estimated one in seven Americans suffers from a musculoskeletal impairment that prevents them from working, playing or simply performing daily activities. At Hahnemann University Hospital, our team of highly trained, board-certified specialists treats patients of all ages with a variety of orthopaedic conditions—including congenital, traumatic and degenerative.


At Hahnemann, we strive to provide the best of both worlds:  compassionate care and clinical expertise. Our physicians understand that diagnosis and skilled treatment are essential to relieve pain and restore function. Our philosophy is to determine the least invasive and most effective treatment possible—all designed to get our patients back to their active lifestyle. But we don’t stop there. In an effort to maintain your health, our continuum of care also includes programs in patient education, rehabilitation, prevention and exercise.



A Comprehensive Approach to Care


Our physician specialists work together with physician assistants, nurses, occupational and physical therapists, and other medical professionals to provide comprehensive care — from assessment through recovery. We recognize that for many orthopaedic diseases and injuries, there is more than one form of treatment. Care options are discussed with our patients and their referring physicians to select the appropriate treatment plan.


When surgery is required, we specialize in the most progressive and least invasive techniques. Minimally invasive surgeries performed at Hahnemann include arthroscopy to total joint replacement.


Hahnemann’s program, grounded in a broad range of general orthopaedic care, also encompasses many subspecialty services including sports medicine, trauma, complicated joint replacement, complex revision surgery, spine surgery and upper extremity reconstruction.



Treatment of the Upper Extremities


Our specialists include physicians with additional training in shoulder, hand, wrist and elbow. Hahnemann orthopaedists offer individualized treatment programs ranging from conservative rehabilitation and bracing for fractures, dislocations and tendon injuries—to complex procedures such as shoulder instability surgery and replantations/reattachments of amputations. In many instances, orthopaedic and plastic surgeons work together to manage the most difficult cases.



Joint Replacement


Joint pain is the result of a variety of factors, most commonly osteoarthritis, which wears down cartilage. Our orthopaedic surgeons have specialized fields of interest, including hip, knee, shoulder and elbow replacements—and work side-by-side with rheumatologists to deliver optimal results. By performing total or partial muscle-sparing joint replacement surgeries, our goal is to relieve disabling joint pain—and along with therapy and rehabilitation, help restore daily function.


We also specialize in early recognition of implant failures and revisions to previous joint replacements. Using the latest in improved joint implant materials, our physicians excel in the most complicated joint replacement cases—including juveniles with rheumatoid arthritis and the special needs of Little People.


Spinal Pain Management


Though back pain may be severe or mild, The Spine Center at Hahnemann University Hospital can help patients return to their normal activities as quickly as possible. What makes The Spine Center different from other back pain centers is its comprehensive approach to treatment. The program is headed by neurosurgeons who work together with orthopaedists, neurologists and anesthesiologists to help manage pain and to outline a treatment regimen. The least invasive treatment options are considered first—with surgery always the last resort.



Sports Medicine


Whether you’re a competitive athlete, weekend warrior, injured worker or an active non-athlete, the goal of the University Orthopaedic Institute is the same — to get you back to your previous level of activity in the safest and shortest time possible. Our comprehensive care includes diagnosis, management and rehabilitation of sports-related injuries.


Our main focus is the treatment of orthopaedic-related sports injuries, particularly arthroscopy and reconstruction of the knee and shoulder. A wide complement of sub-specialized services for the athlete include multiple ligament knee surgery, elbow instability surgery and rotator cuff repair. Collaborations with specialists in other hospital divisions such as Cardiology, Surgery and OB/GYN expand our program to include services such as cardiac care of the athlete, treatment of sports hernias and management of problems specific to the female athlete.


Trauma Care


Accidents happen—but our experts are trained to recognize the critical need for early intervention of orthopaedic emergencies. Hahnemann University Hospital's Level 1 Trauma Center stands ready to provide skilled care in treating complex fractures and associated injuries. The hospital's trauma, emergency, anesthesiology, radiology and orthopaedic staffs work together to stabilize injuries and establish a recovery plan.


Fracture complications such as non unions and mal unions requiring revision surgery are also skillfully handled by our orthopaedic team.


Enhanced Expertise from Education and Research


As an academic medical center, Hahnemann University Hospital is able to bring together the latest in patient care, medical training and health care research to help provide extensive diagnostic services and specialized treatments that may not be available at other hospitals.


At Hahnemann, we believe that both education and research are paramount to the strength, success and growth of our orthopaedic program. Our team includes board-certified specialists who spend many hours studying and attending continuing medical education courses to maintain current orthopaedic knowledge and skills. And as faculty members who teach at the Drexel University College of Medicine, all of our physicians are involved in the education of tomorrow's health care professionals.


Our highly educated and trained professionals are continuously involved in research studies and clinical trials —primarily on total joint replacement, trauma and sports medicine. Collaborations with Drexel University include research with the Departments of Anatomy and Neurobiology at the College of Medicine, and with the Department of Materials Engineering in the School of Engineering. These research initiatives serve to improve the treatment of musculoskeletal disease and injury—all in an effort to advance the science and art of orthopaedic surgery.


Quality Care — Close to Home


No matter what orthopaedic impairment you may have, our program's goal is to offer a high level of individualized care to help you achieve the most complete recovery possible. We want to get you back in the game of life. So, take the first step to feeling better—contact our program at 215.762.BONE (2663). Our highly trained specialists are available to evaluate your condition in our main office at Hahnemann University Hospital or at our other nearby locations in the Delaware Valley.



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