Mission Statement 

Clinical Services

Hahnemann University Hospital (Hahnemann) will be the hub for tertiary and quaternary adult health care services in the Tenet Philadelphia region. Hahnemann is a leader in the Delaware Valley region in the delivery of tertiary level clinical services by combining its historic clinical eminence with the significant financial and managerial resources of the Tenet organization.

Hahnemann will service principally as a regional reference hospital but will also provide primary and secondary health care services to its community based on the unique needs of the community residents and businesses.

Patients and referring physicians will access a broad range of outstanding physicians because Hahnemann is special in employing a medical staff model that embraces both salaried and non-salaried physicians, all of whom share a commitment to clinical excellence in an academic setting.

Hahnemann will distinguish itself from the competition by offering personalized patient care provided principally by attending faculty physicians.

Hahnemann faculty is dedicated to undergraduate and graduate medical education, as well as education of a broad array of other health professionals. Hahnemann faculty will impart the knowledge and tools required to enable these students and residents to successfully confront the challenges of practicing medicine in the 21st century.


Hahnemann will maintain and enhance its relationship with the university to grow its translational research activities by focusing on the clinical areas described above.

Mission statement
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