What Our Nurses Say 
Nursing Profiles 

Laura Teal, RN, Coronary Critical Care Unit (CCU) 

" In my short seven months since graduating from nursing school and beginning my work as a registered nurse,  I have learned more than I thought possible in such a short period of time. I can’t say that every day has been easy,   but despite any challenges that I have faced, the experiences I have had over last seven months have shown me that I really have chosen the best path for myself by becoming a nurse. Additionally, I have experienced first-hand how the everyday aspects of nursing have the power to enrich my life and the lives of so many others."   

Sharon Mckant, RN, Psychiatry Medical Care Unit

" To the children who maybe considering nursing as a career and are currently standing still in the shadows, I urge you to move forward.  While nursing is demanding, it can also be extremely rewarding. I often experience a gamut of emotions while serving the patients who are under my care.    

I can be a teacher, a confidant, a counselor, and a comedian. A career in nursing is a career that can offer limitless opportunities such as: various career options, flexible scheduling, and financial stability. As a nursing professional, I continue to feel honored to be the recipient to this journey.     

To touch the lives of others in such a valuable way is an honor that I would not trade for any other profession."  

Mary Malitas, CRNP, Cardiology

"The Humanity of Nursing is the “human side of Nursing.”  It enriches your daily living with a feeling of growth and well being in the knowledge that you have made a difference.  It describes the crucial link I play for the patient, family and the medical collaborators as a contributor of care in an individual’s life. Patients give back to me far more that I give to them. Their experiences and history tell a story, almost like a legend of their life thus far. This information, I use as building blocks for my career, to help me enhance my interactions with those to follow. We have cried together as important decisions are made and laughed at the relief of good news from a test result."         

Terese Metzger, RN, Operating Room

"My coworkers are the inspiration, as somewhat representative of the nursing philosophy which drives our daily practice.  In the high tech, low touch, task oriented, impersonal, and cold (both literally & figuratively) environment of the operating room we strive daily to share a few quality moments with our patients.  We compete constantly with surgeons and anesthesia providers for our patients’ time in an effort to touch their lives, allay their fears, and reassure them that behind those masks there is truly someone there to advocate for their safety and comfort.  In our hurried environment we are only able to steal a few moments before entering the operating room, maybe a few more once they arrive before they are put to sleep.  I only hope that our patients take with them the knowledge that the warm blankets that we provide upon entering the operating room, and the handholding during anesthesia induction are representative of our desire to intimately touch their lives. I sincerely want to applaud those unsung heroes behind the masks."    

Deborah Davis, BSN, RNC-NIC, CEIM, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Nursing at Hahnemann University Hospital is amazing. Opportunities abound!  Our Professional Nurse Practice models Jean Watson’s theory of Human Caring. In a nutshell, we care for each other, as individuals and vital members of the professional team. With the strength and teamwork of the staff, we are able to bring our caring to the bedside of every patient and family member we meet.

Our 16th floor is dedicated to the pregnant mother, her newborn and family. Here at Hahnemann, we experience a wide variety of patient populations. We employ a high risk Obstetrician, who brings high risk mothers and babies to our door. We employ dozens of Neonatologists who bring their knowledge and expertise to the preterm babies we treat in our Level III NICU.  We have an entire unit filled with healthy moms and babies. No matter what your preference is in maternal nursing, you can find it at Hahnemann.

Julia M. Barry, BFA BSN, RN, Emergency Department

Jean Watson has reminded us about the human touch in nursing, that caring moment that changes everything. As an Emergency Room nurse I get to see that every day. I am constantly inspired by our Hahnemann nursing team. The versatility of our ER nurses is truly inspirational. One minute we are striving to save someone’s life, the next moment we are holding the hand of a family member to give comfort, followed by helping a patient who arrives with a stroke or a heart attack. Hahnemann’s caring and compassionate environment truly makes a difference in the lives of our patients. A few years ago we had a young man who was injured in a snowboarding accident. Our team came together to assist this young man and his family.  We stabilized his injuries and moved him to the Operating Room. We held his mother’s hand as she watched him wheeled away not knowing if she was going to see him again. Our teamwork paid off and one year later he walked back into the ED to say thank you to his “Hospital Moms and Dads” who saved his life. This is why we are Emergency Nurses.

Alissa Connelly, BSN, RN, Cardiac Catheterization Lab

We enter the profession of Nursing wanting to provide compassionate care to others. I feel fortunate to work with a loyal and cohesive group of people who consider each other family.  Our department displays amazing team work across all disciplines at Hahnemann to provide high quality collaborative patient care. At Hahnemann we have multiple educational opportunities available in the specialized ever changing field of invasive cardiology.


Dulcine Dinsmore, DrNP, MPH, RN, CNOR, Same Day Surgery

“The delivery of nursing care at Hahnemann University Hospital highlights the reputation of HUH nurses as innovative and caring. HUH nurses provide evidence-based quality care with excellent patient outcomes. The leadership abilities of the peri-operative and nursing administrative teams enhance and empower the professional peri-operative nurse to lead and learn as partners in the education and growth of oneself and of each other. The degree of voice and the attentiveness to our voices influence the forethought and policies which shape our professional practice and care delivery.”



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